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KAPLAN PLASTIK founded in 1979 and has become one of the biggest plastic packaging companies in Turkey thanks to its innovative, sustainable and always better production policy that it has been following since its establishment.
We are proud of being one of the most reliable and strong companies in the packaging sector thanks to our high quality products and service that we offer to our customers as Kaplan Plastic. With professional, positive, young and dynamic teammates, we are able to easily overcome difficulties and provide customer satisfaction at the highest level with the services we provide in various European countries and all over Turkey.
All the works carried out in order to catch the competitive conditions brought by the ever changing customer needs and respond to customer needs in the best way are carried out within the scope of our Quality Management System.


KAPLAN PLASTIK is not only a company that meets the market needs but also an environment friendly company that contributes to the sector and the environment with its nature friendly products that it produces. KAPLAN PLASTIK has created a difference with its innovative culture; With its qualified human resources, wide sales network, high product quality, solid information based systems and strong structure, it maintains its important position in the sector today.


R & D

R & D is among the top priority issues for our company. We aim to include in our organization primarily the changing, developing and renewing technologies within the framework of innovation, which is one of the most fundamental values of our company. We strive to produce qualified and high quality products, and we follow the world-class technologies closely.


Our graphic design department is also working to fulfill your requests as much as you like for your absolute satisfaction. They give special care to the organization of your graphic work and the formation of your professional sketches.


We aim to produce maximum efficient products with absolute quality understanding and we produce your products by choosing the best quality and technically most accurate raw material formulations.


The basic principle for Kaplan Plastik is quality production. Our goal is to work with zero mistakes, to produce the best quality products in the shortest time possible. Production is carried out with extreme care and attention. The goal in our production departments is to get the highest efficiency from each machine. With the quality production we provide, Kaplan Plastik has an important place in the sector today.


With maximum quality understanding and reasonable price policy, we offer the best quality products in your satisfaction.


Focused on marketing, product management, brand management, satisfaction communications, digital marketing and business world.


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